AAG (spec) - "Witch's Potion"
A couple turn to a shady source for increasing their net worth...
Role: Director (Live Action/Animation)
Credits: Director: Douglas McGinness Producer: Yasmin Akhavan Writer: Steve Morris DOP: Neil Gordon Animation: Doug Haus
Animated and Directed by Douglas McGinness
Produced by Yasmin Akhavan
Written by Steven Morris
Cinematography by Neil Gordon
Woman: Golnaz Maleki
Man: Sanjiv Hayre
Witch VO: Jo Ashe
Sound Recordist: Rob Thomas
Gaffer: Poe Panayiotou
Illustrations: Mariel Garza Amparan
Sound Mixing: Jamie Gamache
Colourist: David Diley
Special Thanks to Katherine Calil and family, Luke Taylor, Dan Sorgen of Specbank.com, School of Motion, and Yas Calil
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